Order of references when the author's name starts with "The"

I am trying to figure out how to order papers correctly when the writer is a company or organization that begins with a “The.” According to APA, the “The” should be ignored when ordering the references, but I can’t figure out how to get Paperpile to do this. I am trying to reference a report published by an organization called The Bell Foundation, it should be in with the B’s, but it keeps getting put with the T’s. For this paper, I just moved it manually. However, it would be great if I could figure out how to get Paperpile to do this automatically.

Hi @gavinbrooks - use the curly brackets {} for any instances where you want to force PP to use a specific entry. PP stops trying to use its built in logic and takes what is inside of the curly brackets verbatim. So, e.g., {lastname, firstname}

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@gavinbrooks I’m afraid there’s no way to automate this at the moment. The solution proposed by @Bruce_Borkosky would work for the reference list but not for in-text citations, so for now if dropping “The” completely is not an option, manual editing would be the way to go.

Thanks Bruce and Vicente,

I appreciate the advice. That is what I figured. I have been using the curly brackets - so the name is appearing correctly in the reference list and citations, it is just not in the correct order.

It would be great if this was possible. While manual editing works, it increases the possibility of making a mistake in the references.