Overlay setting problems

Thank you so much for allowing me to try the Beta version. I’m using it on a Blackberry DTEK50 running Android 6.0.1.

I am having a few problems with download, as I don’t seem to get past the overlay settings screen. I’m asked to update my settings, and I temporarily disable overlay, but I cannot get back to the app, and if I do re-open it, it asks me to change the settings every time.

I love the interface, and Sync works well, so does Search.


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Can you send us a screenshot? It seems you are talking about an overlay settings permissions dialog?

@carlos, on the versions we tested on we did not get this permission as a separate dialog right? Any ideas?

Dear Stefan,

Thank you for your reply. I attach the screenshots. I start by trying to download a paper, and then I get to all the steps in the screenshots. Once I get to the overlay settings, I cannot do anything else, I need to change screens to another app and then go back to see my Paperpile papers, but then the problem with the overlay settings is not solved.


Hi Marina,

Can you try and change all apps that say “Yes” to “No” in the settings manually then try to update the permissions in Paperpile again ?

To make sure the updated settings have taken effect, close the Paperpile app and then open it again before trying.

If everything succeeds, you can change the settings back to their original values.

Hi, Carlos,
Sorry about my delay in answering. I have tried what you suggest, but then the system asks me to update the settings again, and so it goes on loop, and I never go past that point, I am afraid.
Thanks for any help you can give.

Hi Marina,

This is not an uncommon problem with this particular version of Android, this usually happens if you’re running a floating app when installing a new application that asks for permissions, which is the case with Paperpile’s app.

Disabling all apps like I told you before and closing them tends to do the trick.

This article describes the problem very well and has a step-by-step explanation on how to fix it. Can you try to do the steps described here ? - https://www.androidpit.com/how-to-fix-screen-overlay-detected-error