Page-down scroll in the browser

Pressing “page down” key in Paperpile’s viewer (in the browser) does a very unnatural jump. I can’t quite figure out where it decides to jump to, but it’s longer than a page and skips way too far through the paper. This is in contrast to every other viewer (e.g., Chrome’s built in one) that allows you to read the paper continuously by pressing page down.

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I’d like to second this (Chromium v83 on Linux). PgUp/PgDn in the PDF viewer seems to apply twice per button press, thereby skipping an entire screen’s worth of content.

An update on this. PageUp/PageDown work as intended when a non-scrolling area of the viewer is in focus. For example, after clicking the zoom buttons, or the annotations sidebar, PgDn scrolls the PDF by a screen’s height, immediately. However, when the scrolling area has focus, e.g. after clicking the PDF or the area to the right of it, then PgDn does (a) an immediate scroll by one screen, plus (b) a smooth scroll by one more screen. My guess is that Paperpile causes the immediate scroll, but fails to catch the browser’s native scrolling that may also occur.

Side note: Mouse wheel scrolling does not work in the area to the left of the PDF’s left edge, and clicking that area yields a single screen’s scroll on PgDn.

For completeness, this is Chromium Version 83.0.4103.116 (Developer Build) built on Debian bullseye/sid, running on Debian bullseye/sid (64-bit) (PopOS 20.10).