Page not always showing as default for entering citation

Sometimes, when adding a citation in Google Docs, there drop-down menu to add additional information defaults to “book” instead of “page.” Any idea why this might be happening? It seems to me that it should always default to “page” but this is only true some of the time.

I’ve to check this perhaps we change it depending on the reference type but I don’t think so (would not make much sense).

Other than that I can only assume a bug, but I’ve not seen this before myself.

This happened to me again. Then I tried to reproduce it and the second time it showed “page.” Very strange… might just be a delay due to slow loading that prevents the list from switching to page?

This items is a book, but I’m not understanding why the field comes up “book” shouldn’t it still be a “page”?

Yes it should. We did not have time to look into that yet so I can’t tell what’s going on here.

Will be fixed in the next release.

It’s fixed now and “Page” should always be the default now.