PageDown/Up for switching pages without scrolling

I wish there was a PageUp/Down solution like in google books (or by buttons, or so). I’m using ~A4 sized e-paper reader for reading papers and it is a bit annoying to scroll pages on that - an immediate page switch would be much helpful.

Interestingly, Onyx Boox reader has some next/prev page software buttons on the screen, but those stopped working with Paperpile ~2months ago.

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Thanks! My workflow with Onyx Boox: I switch Paperpile to vertical continuous flow, I enable vertical scrolling buttons in the Boox UI, and I enlarge the document to fit at the sides. The scrolling buttons jump by about 3/5 (?) of the view per press. Sometimes that’s nice to keep context, sometimes it’s a bit annoying e.g. with figures.

Yes yes… Still, I’d like to have full-page switch - that was my intention in having an almost A4-sized reader to have a full page displayed at once…

Adding this request to our tracker along with your other one, @Kamil_Steczkiewicz :raised_hands:t3: