Pages auto-adding to paperpile on page load

Since the new beta, the chrome plugin has started randomly adding some pages to paperpile on page load, without me pressing the button.

It doesn’t happen to every page, but pages that it does happen to it will keep adding it if I reload the page.

I don’t have a keyboard shortcut set for paperpile (unless there’s some default one I’m not aware of), but it’s kind of annoying as every week or so I have to go into paperpile and clear out a random sample of my internet search history for the week.

Anyone experienced this? A known issue?

Welcome to the forum @Nicholas_McCarthy, and thank you for testing the beta Paperpile. We’ve just released an update that should resolve this issue. Please let us know otherwise.

Hi Suzanne,

Great, haven’t noticed anything but I’ll keep an eye out.

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