Paper import from Jmlr crashes paperpile web app


Whenever I try to import a paper that is published on, it crashes the paperpile web app and chrome extension. The only recovery option in that case is to restart google chrome and the paper never gets imported. This even happens if bibtex citation data for a jmlr paper is imported, I guess because paperpile tries to match the paper online and then again crashes. Example bibtex data that crashes the app:

  title={Dropout: A simple way to prevent neural networks from overfitting},
  author={Srivastava, Nitish and Hinton, Geoffrey and Krizhevsky, Alex and Sutskever, Ilya and Salakhutdinov, Ruslan},
  journal={The Journal of Machine Learning Research},
  publisher={JMLR. org}

This occurs both on OsX and Windows.


Thank you for reporting this. I will look into it.

In the meantime, you can import papers directly from the JMLR website, which is working for me. Use the search here and select “Search abstracts”.

Thanks! The import indeed works when searching for abstracts. Pdfs or an import of a Jmlr paper from google scholar on the other hand leads to the described behavior. But the abstract search is definitely a viable solution in the meantime.

We left it out of the release notes, but today’s update included a fix for this.

Thanks a lot! Import from google scholar works like a charm now.