Paperpile and Arxiv revisions

This is only a feature request in the sense that I don’t know what is already being done.
Arxiv (and similar early access sites) will often see uploaded papers go through several revisions, and eventually the paper might be published in a journal as well.
Are you in any sense able to track when revisions are being made? Will an auto-update of the article include the download of a new pdf version if available? Could the article be converted from an Arxiv reference to the appropriate journal reference once published? (maybe you could issue an alert to the user in the latter case)


If you trigger an auto-update Paperpile will go to arXiv and pull the information that is currently stored in arXiv. If an article got updated in arXiv then Paperpile will retrieve the new information and merge it with the data already in your library. The PDF file will, however, not be updated. The problem is that determining if the PDF file is really a new version of the one you have in your library is non trivial. A check, for example, of the file size, creation date, or MD5SUM of the file is not sufficient since the users can have added highlight annotations or comments to the PDF file, which will change all those attributes.

It is becoming more and more a regular event that published papers are updated. CrossRef has put some technology in place to deal with these kind of events called CrossMark ( If arXiv would adopt this technology it would would then be something we could work with in Paperpile.

Perhaps an easier-to-implement feature that would help here would be to give the user some way to explicitly update the pdf. As you say, it is not easy to detect automatically whether a new version has a genuinely updated pdf but for humans this is easy!

At the moment, the best way I know to get a new pdf is to trash the entire paperpile entry for the old version and then import the new one: an “update pdf” option would short-cut this pleasantly.


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With the arXiv, there is no need to check if the .pdf has actually been updated. Surely, if the authors update their paper to a newer version on arXiv, Paperpile should either retrieve that version and update the .pdf or simply add the new version as a new .pdf.

For me, currently the simplest option is to delete the attached .pdf and hit Shift + D to auto-download new .pdf. Of course I have to manually check whether the authors posted a new version—clearly this is something that the software should do for me.

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