Paperpile citations to's "My Library" for Google AI citation alerts

Would it be possible to exchange or import Paperpile references into Google Scholar’s “My Library”?

Google Scholar’s automatic suggestions function is based on what references are used in a genuine GDoc citation format or in the “My Library” (one can “save” a citation at by clicking the button under the reference). This “AI” function finds excellent matches of interest to current writing projects or long-term ones and works very well. This is a huge time saver compared to weekly e.g. keyword search or table of content email subscriptions that journals offer.

Since I switched to Paperpile, I have not been able to leverage this “publication alert” function as much because my citations in ongoing publications that I write in GDocs are not recognized anymore by Google I think.

here is more:

Do you have more information about this. What do you mean by “genuine GDoc citation format”?

Alerts have been around before the “My Library” feature and as far as I know they are based on the user’s papers not what is in their “Library”.

So I think your alerts should be fine if you keep your own papers up-to-date in your profile (which also happens automatically).

In any case there is no API for Google Scholar so we won’t be able to write to “My Library”.

I did a bit more research and I could not find any evidence that the content of ‘My Library’ is used for the recommendations.

In the original Blog post they explicitly say it’s based on your profile papers. Also it says so when you view the recommendations (Recommended based on “My Citations”)

Thanks Stefan and sorry for the misinformation! I learned a bit here… less trusting the “recommendation algorithm” now!

Hey there, I don’t know if it’s an off topic. I was looking for a platform to build up citations in seconds and got a lots of good recommendation of snapcite. Just wondering has anyone used this website service before?

You are asking for a “platform to build up citations” on this forum? Have you tried Paperpile :wink: