Paperpile does not generate the bibliography

I am finalizing a thesis paper on google doc. The text is 400 pages and there are numerous references.
When I want to generate the bibliography, paperpile crashes “when updating bibliography”

What can I do ? Thanks for your help

Welcome to our forum, @Marc_Blondeau! The backend logs show an unspecified Google Apps Script error. Have you tried restarting the browser, perhaps signing out/in of both Paperpile and Google? If you’re signed in to more than one account on Chrome, please try the same from a fresh Chrome Profile where you’re only signed in to your Paperpile-associated Google ccount.

If the issue persists, it would also be worth trying from another browser – Paperpile runs on any Chromium-based one like Brave, Vivaldi, MS Edge in case you’re able to use any of them for troubleshooting. Let me know.

it’s ok.
I’ve tried 8 times and it works