Paperpile extension - Light icon

The Paperpile icon is a dark grey color. It becomes nearly invisible when using Chrome with a dark theme - for eg. the new Material dark theme in Incognito mode.

It would good to have Paperpile with an SVG icon such that the color can be changed. Alternatively, the Paperpile icon should be colored so that it is visible on both light and dark themes.

I don’t think it is technically possible to adapt icons to the Chrome theme. Not sure why a SVG would help here. The problem is not changing the icon color but to know which theme the user has.

We definitely can’t make it colored for branding reasons. Also Paperpile is not supported in Incognito mode.

I understand that you cannot find out the theme that is being used. Many extensions provide the user the ability to change the icon through extension options.

The advantage of the SVG is that you can change the icon color to dark/light programatically as follows :

<svg id="svg1" xmlns="" style="width: 3.5in; height: 1in">
    <circle id="circle1" r="30" cx="34" cy="34" style="fill: red; stroke: blue; stroke-width: 2"/>
<button"yellow";>Click to change to yellow</button>

Of course, the simply alternative is to simply include a light and dark icon version that the user can select with a simply toggle in the extension options.

I understand the concept of SVG but I don’t know any extension with an option to change the icon.

I have here Pocket, Hootsuite and Google Keep extension in my browser, all which are gray and don’t have an option to change it.

Are you sure there are “many”?

In principle, any extension that uses the icon as an indicator is programatically changing the icon through a chrome.browseraction method
setIcon − chrome.browserAction.setIcon(object details, function callback)

uBlock Origin, Windscribe, YetAnotherFlags are changing icons either by user option or by some function.

A specific example of an extension relating to Pocket is the Defer extension (screenshot attached).

In fact, I have stupidly realised that even Paperpile does the same when it finds a paper that is already in the library by getting an icon with a green tick mark.

All I am saying is, can we just choose a light icon so that it doesn’t become invisible on dark themes? While this is indeed cosmetic, it is trivial to do this.

Again we know how to change the icon (as you have found out we do this all the time). But I’m afraid I’m not convinced that this is a major use case which would warrant a special user option (it would be the only option that allows the user to change the UI)