Paperpile for Firefox Quantum

New released Firefox Quantum is compatible to many Chrome extensions, which means Paperpile can potentially be used on Firefox Quantum.

I upload “Paperpile.crx” onto Firefox, and passed compatibility testing. But a problem occurs, making this extension cannot be directly used in Firefox.

Firefox told:“This file is not binary and is too large to parse. Files larger than
4MB will not be parsed. If your JavaScript file has a large list,
consider removing the list and loading it as a separate JSON file

I’m wondering whether someone can offer the help to modify the original crx file, so that it can be installed on Firefox. That will greatly attract more Firefox fans to test and eventually use Paperpile for Firefox.


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Please have a look at the main thread on this topic:

Paperpile is a complex app, unfortunately you cannot port it to a different browser by “repackaging” it. It uses many features not available or very different on Firefox.