Paperpile for iOS, Android and Word now available for everyone in public beta πŸš€

Get them here

All apps are ready to use. We still call it beta because we are still working on the documentation and do some more polishing. Stay tuned for the official announcement early this fall.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the private beta. :blush:

PS: Our apps are brand new in the App Store and Play Store. Any Rating and Review helps a lot at this stage! The faster we get new users, the faster we can move forward with the development of these apps.


love the share extension iOS. it would be great if capturing of metadata and search for pdf were done in the background rather than having the user wait. Usually you just want to save an article for later consumption

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Congratulations! It has been a long road, but I’m glad to see you make it.

installation aborted

Wondering about the roadmap for this app. One thing I often wish I could do is email or message someone some citations from my phone. Is this being planned? If so, will there be a new beta for these features, or will they just be rolled into the released app?

still have not received a response to this problem - 3 days ago. I’m unable to install the plugin, and the app’s message is unhelpful

I don’t think there are current plans for this particular feature, @Kerim. My understanding is that we’re focusing on perfecting the mobile PDF ans will then go on to incorporate more library features - sharing among them. As usual I don’t have a roadmap to share, but new features will likely be tested out on eventual betas (reached out to the team to confirm that last fact, will let you know if I was mistaken).

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@Bruce_Borkosky apologies for the long wait. Is this still the case? If so, please drop us a line via chat / email and we can troubleshoot by that via.

Hello, Do you know if the app automatically adds a plug-in to Word app on my iPhone? I mean: if it possible to work form my iPhone or iPad?



@Emiliano_Navarro at the moment our Word plugin only runs on desktop, so it is not yet possible to cite from mobile environments. This is already on our radar for future development so I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our tracker.