Paperpile for Word private beta (closed)

I would very much like to participate. I am editing very large documents and Google docs can not handle them, so I only option is Word. Please let me know how I can help.

I have noticed another strange behaviour on my documents, respectively this one larger document I’m currently working on.

It’s a .docx with ~280 pages (of which 30 pages are the bibliography), ~ 80 figures and ~20 tables.

So I have this case now, that I have multiple references for my own publications, which are from the same year and have the same co-authors.

I’ve set the in-text references with a customized ISO-690 citation style based CSL to display only the first author and adding et al. once there is more than one author:
(author 1, author 2, et al 2019a), (author 1, author 2, et al 2019b)

So in the case of two publications from the same year with the same authors PP will add “a”, “b” etc. to the year, which is normal.

I have one publication which has only my name and the name of my co-author without the third co-author on it, so that one is detected as (author 1, author 2, 2019).

So overall this seems to work correctly.

But there’s this strange glitch:

Sometimes PP seems to replace random otherin-text references with those 3 publication references from me from the same year.

When I right-click the reference and edit it, the popup modal has the correct info and when I click “update citation” the in-text refence gets updated and displays correctly.

Since this happens with random references and throughout the whole document I can “fix” all the refrences by going to the PP ribbon an clicking “update citations and bibliography”. But I have to do it twice, the first time nothing seems to happen, only the second time all the references get actually fixed.

So it’s not a problem which actually breaks anything, but it’s still strange and I’m not sure if it’s getting triggered by my 3 publications from 2019.

Does anyone experice something similar?


I have been using Paperpile for several years and absolutely love it. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to test Paperpile for Word.

@Alejandro_Plana, @ElansaryM, @Matthew_Miller, @David_Acosta @isaac_s_harris

Please contact us via chat or email ( requesting access to the Word beta. The forum is anonymous so we require this as additional confirmation of your account.

Thank you!

The plugin only works on desktop for now. I don’t think there are any current plans to support an online version, but we’ve received the request before so I’m adding your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker.


I encountered the error you can see on the video right after I pressed the “add/edit citation” button. Take a look a the bottom left corner and also at the spinning thinking cursor. I closed the document and opened back up, my document was ok, and the PP function was working again. Please take a look.


OK. Now it is happening every time I press the button and only while the citation window is open. As soon as I close it, the thinking back and forth stops.

@David_Acosta, it would be very helpful if you could share the document (or a part of it) for us to try to reproduce and find the error. If that’s alright with you, please send it via chat or email ( Let me know.

I sent a copy. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.

It would be really cool if the ability to add citations within text boxes was available. When writing grant proposals, I often have cite something within the figure legend (which ends up in a text box).

Our Word plugin for macOS and Windows is now available for everyone in public beta:

Announcement and downloads

I’m closing this thread. Thanks to all who took part in the private beta tests :slightly_smiling_face:

For further discussion, feature ideas, and bug reports please create new topics here on the forum.