Paperpile Forgets Highlighting Color


For the paper: [2102.02515] HYDRA: Hypergradient Data Relevance Analysis for Interpreting Deep Neural Networks, I noticed that when I switch the highlight color to blue and highlight something, the app immediately switches the highlight color to yellow then drops the highlight color from the top bar. I was reading this paper before, and I did not see this issue so I believe it may have been introduced in a recent update (e.g., 4/12/2021).

In the linked video below, see the top right corner of the screen to witness the phenomenon.

This does not appear to be an issue for all (or potentially even most) papers. However, for this paper, the problem is severe since it makes highlighting different colors highly painful.

Where Tested

  • Pixel 3XL
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Video to See the Issue:

I was unable to reproduce this issue in the web (specifically Chrome) interface.

This paper does have an additional issue on Android where highlighting is often offset or shifted from the underlying text. I have seen this issue on multiple different papers on Android and that issue is also not reproducible in the web interface.

Here is a video: Notice how it is not possible to highlight the $\eta$ and it wants to only highlight the $_t$. The app does not show this issue as badly for this document as other documents I have encountered in the past. The problem does not appear in the web interface. If you would like me to raise another thread to better track this issue, let me know.

Thanks for the detailed reports, Zayd. I’ve notified the dev team about this, will let you know when I hear back.

This was also reproducible on our end and seems to occur only in specific PDFs. A separate issue with annotations disappearing on iOS is occurring in the same type of PDF; the team currently working on a fix which should resolve both. Will share any further updates here.

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I use Paperpile in Chrome, Win10. I cannot find the feature for highlighting when in “View PDF” mode. Is that correct?
I would like to be able to highlight PDFs. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thank you.

@Doris_Loh, you can activate our beta PDF viewer with annotations from the top right corner of your library by clicking your email > Settings > Browser Integration > PDF Viewer and selecting ‘Viewer with annotations (beta):slightly_smiling_face:

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Found the option, thank you! Decided to wait for official roll-out, as I am a novice. One question, if I may, are highlighted text saved or only valid for the session?

Highlights and annotations are saved directly on the PDF. If you often need to highlight while reading, I would recommend using the viewer for a more seamless experience - even though still in beta, it already works quite reliably :+1:t4:

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That is such an enticing feature that I simply cannot turn down. Appreciate the heads up. Thank you!

Vincente, I am so glad you suggested I try the beta. You did not mention the robust search function that lists searched terms by page. This a truly wonderful feature, makes locating highlight passages a breeze to find. You’re awesome. :grinning:

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