Paperpile Forums Login Issues

I wasted the last half-hour trying to login to the forums using my email but I’ve had no success. I get an error saying “Please enter your email or username” which is stupid because I never get an option to enter them! See attached screenshot.

The google account login flow also seems to be broken. I have logged in before using my google account before, but when I try to do it again, I am asked to create a new account. Looks like there are more than a few things which need improvement.

Welcome to our forum, @nikhilv! I see what you mean and have let the team know about this glitch - thanks for letting us know. Were you signed in to your Google account on Chrome when attempting that login option?

@vicente Yes, I was logged in to my google acoount on Chrome. But I also tried logging in to the forums in an incognito window and that didn’t work as well.