Paperpile has disappeared form GDoc (no menu item + not working)

The Paperpile menu item has suddenly disappeared from GDocs and won’t format anything. This persists even when browser is closed and the computer rebooted.
Other than a new Defender definition file, there aren’t any updates that I’m aware of (Chrome 64 bit in Windows 10 preview) that happened since last night when it was still working.
I cannot upload an image to this forum (“new user”) to show that I’m logged in to Paperpile, have the plugin installed but it is not working in GDocs.

Update 1: in trying to troubleshoot this, I have uninstalled the extension and now see that there is both a Paperpile app and an extension available in the Chrome store.
What is the difference?
App: Version: 1.62
Updated: July 23, 2014
Size: 10.09KB
Language: English (United States)

Extension: Version: 1.0.176
Updated: December 6, 2014
Size: 4.89MB
Language: English (United States)

Update 2: I have deleted and reinstalled only the “extension” and it works again as before.

Update 3: this is happening on my other computers as well, all Win7, both 32 and 64 bit Chrome versions. Interestingly, selecting “remove” in the extension button in the browser bar does not resolve this problem. I find that I have to remove it from the extension list in Chrome, close the browser, then select it in the Chrome store again.

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Following up our support e-mails some answers to your post that might be of general interest:

  1. Chrome, Paperpile and Google Docs are complex pieces of software which also change rapidly. We do our best to make them work together nicely but sometimes things happen that we can’t really control/reproduce or understand. Luckily they typically go away by restarting the extension. I could not resist posting the video below :wink:

  2. The difference between the two entries in the webstore is that one is the Extension (which basically is the core of Paperpile and you need it to run Paperpile). The other one is an entry for the “Webapp”, which basically just adds a link in your Chrome Apps screen to open Paperpile. It’s important to have because many people are searching the Webstore for apps and miss the extensions. Also on Chromebooks it’s the way how you add Applications to your computer.

For some reason that is beyond me, the “enable GDoc plugin” box in Paperpile setting was unselected.
I was convinced Stefan was referring to the "enable plugin" button in Chrome setting.

The question is of course, why uninstalling and completely disconnecting and deleting my local Chrome profile did not remedy this on my 3rd computer: the “enable GDoc plugin” box in Paperpile’s setting remained unselected even after a fresh install of the plugin. Perhaps settings are stored in the cloud and applied automatically.

Thanks to Paperpile’s amazing and instant support I was able to troubleshoot this quickly while sweating over a grant. Thanks Stefan!

No problem. we’re glad the issue could be solved so easily in the end. And yes, this setting is not specific to a device but is stored centrally in our database.

PS: I’ll try to figure out why you can’t upload images to this forum here. There must be some setting but I could not find it yet.