Paperpile integration with Sciflow for writing and formatting manuscripts

Today, I discovered and currently exploring it. The application helps in formatting the manuscript/thesis as per journal/university guidelines. They have a feature where we can upload .bib files to the application and manage the citations and references.

I tried to upload a bib file to it but it isn’t accepting it. Can you please consider integrating it like other reference management tools such as Mendeley, Zotero, Endnote, Paper, etc?

Or if you have a workaround please share.

Thank you for the request, we have added it to our tracker. Their system may depend on the size of the BibTeX file. For example, I exported a .bib file with 198 references from Paperpile and uploaded it to Sciflow without difficulty. In the meantime, try exporting a smaller .bib file (e.g., a Paperpile folder) and see if Sciflow accepts that. Let me know if you need anything else.

Hi Suzanne,

I have made a folder on PP that has 38 pdf files. I clicked on export and generated a .bib file. The file size is only 73kb (is that normal?).

I tried to upload it again but no luck.

Hi @mullatausif, BibTeX files are usually small; 73kb sounds pretty normal! Could you share the file with us, either here, or via chat or email ( so that we can take a look?

I have dropped you a mail with the file.

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