Paperpile is confused with mac keyboard shortcuts ctrl-f and cmd-f

Hi, this is the problem I’ve been facing.

When I’m editing comments (annotation) in a paper, the mac keyboard shortcut “ctrl-f”, which generally work as the right arrow does (i.e. cursor forward), is recognized instead as “cmd-f” and the “search document” pane shows up.

Other similar mac keyboard shortcuts (ctrl-b, ctrl-p, ctrl-n, ctrl-a and ctrl-e) work as they are supposed to.

I’m using laptop keyboard (US layout physically and logically) on MacBook Pro (13in., 2017, two Th3 ports). macOS 11.4 (Big Sur). Chrome is up to date (91.0.4472.114).

I’m really used to and feeling comfortable with the separation of cmd- shortcuts and ctrl- shortcuts in a mac system and hope it’ll be available also in Paperpile.

Welcome to our forum, @YWM! Thanks for the report - this has been on our radar for a while but will be addressed as part of the rewrites of our web app which the team is currently working on. We expect to have some news about these updates soon :crossed_fingers:t4:

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