Paperpile issue in shared Google Doc on Chrome

I have been using Paperpile to write a co-authored book for about two years and it’s been great! Thank you PaperPile peeps!

However, this morning I went to insert a reference in a doc and had a problem. The screen to insert information about a reference appears very briefly, but is then replaced by a blank screen (see below).
I’ve tried deactivating, then reactivating the extension, closing and opening Chrome, uninstalling and reinstalling the extension, deactivating all other extensions and anything else that I could think of. Any chance that you all have other things to try?

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Same Problem

Welcome to our forum, @Christopher_Stewart and @Randall_Reed, and thanks for the reports. Hopefully you’ve found things are back to normal already? The team was able to address the issue (discussed on this thread) over the weekend. Let us know otherwise, or if there’s anything else.

Hello and thank you! As far as I can tell, the problem is now fixed. Thank you so much for working over the weekend on this! Respect for your dedication.

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