Paperpile link in PDF Viewer

My workflow atm is:

  • Have one tab for paperpile library
  • Have ~20 papers of interest open in separate tabs

I’m finding that I often want to get the paperpile link to a specific paper. Right now, that means going back to the library and fetching the link, it would be great if there were a link in the PDF viewer (the beta annotations one) since the URL bar is connected to the chrome extension.


Thanks for the suggestion, @pedro. It’s not the first time it’s come up so I’ve added your +1 to the topic on our internal tracker. I can’t speak to the feasibility of the matter, but it does sound like the type of feature that could be added in one of the updates of the beta.

+1 exactly what I want!

Also adding this function to the iOS app would be amazing!

From the annotation menu, it would be great to have access to a couple of items: 1. copy perm link 2. copy share link to clipboard

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Yeah, this would be very useful for me as well!

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