Paperpile linking to online XML editors

Hi there

Can Paperpile link to online XML editors, which, for example, editorial colleagues use to edit content, including adding new and updated references

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Could you perhaps provide more detail? I am not entirely sure about what you are envisioning.

Hi there, apologies for delayed reply

Our editorial staff use a bespoke XML editor to update health-related content. This includes the listing of references in a main bibliography and which are also cited throughout different sections of text

We previously discussed using Paperpile as a reference management system which, ideally would be able to link to our bespoke XML editor in order to transfer references back and forth between the two systems

This is an ongoing discussion and I am curious if Paperpile can link to online XML editors for this purpose. Or, if not, whether this is something that will be developed by Paperpile in the future?