Paperpile links in gmail alerts from Google Scholar?

I get email alerts from Scholar, but the items listed in each email do NOT have paperpile links, like they do when I do an actual Scholar search. Was hoping I could someday add an item to paperpile directly from the email alert.

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I see the utility of this idea, but it does not sound like something we would do any time soon, if ever. We are able to add Paperpile buttons to the search results of many different academic search engines and databases because our approach does not require us to make deals with these companies. Instead, we modify the displayed page when the extension detects a search results page for one of the search engines we support. We would likely not want to modify users’ inboxes - both because the structure of the content is so unpredictable, and also because modifying how your emails are displayed could feel invasive.

Fair enough. Thanks for taking the time to consider my idea.