Paperpile mistakenly thinks references are in Endnote


I used the Paperpile plugin for Word to create a bibliography with in-text citations. Now, I have to update the document. However, when I go to use Paperpile again, the plugin is convinced that the citations are in Endnote. I’ve never used Endnote and do not even have the software on my machine. I updated Paperpile software and eventually the word plugin (after some unexplained errors). I ran Word as an administrator too. Randomly it worked again, but only briefly. I tried again this morning and the same issue is happening. I do not know how to resolve this problem.

Any advise would be great and I generally really like using Paperpile.



Thanks for the report, @Neil_Carter, and welcome to our forum! Could I trouble you to share the document where this occurs, along with the plugin log file so the team can further investigate/troubleshoot? The easiest way to find the log is through the Paperpile tab on Word > Settings & Tools > Preferences > Send Log File, then attach the paperpile-logs.txt file to your message. Please share that via chat or email (