Paperpile not working in GDocs when using Vivaldi

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently been bouncing back-and-forth between Chrome and Vivaldi and I find myself spending more time with Vivaldi. When sync finally get implemented in the next version of Vivaldi, I plan on using it as my main driver.

Recently though, Paperpile has stopped working when I’m using GDoc from within Vivaldi; I’ve been unable to use it for adding citations. It still seems to work just fine for adding references and reading/annotating PDFs. No issues at all in Chrome. But, like I said, I’d like to move away from Chrome.

If any of you are using Vivaldi, perhaps you’ve experienced the same problem as myself?

It just occurred to me to try disabling ad-blocking (I use uBlock Origin) and it turned out to be the source of the problem. I do recall having another issue previously that corrected itself after I disabled ad-blocking.

I doubled checked in Chrome and I had previously disabled ad-blocking for GDocs there as well.

Lesson: Ad-blocking extensions and Paperpile don’t always get along.

Yes, some ad blockers can interfere with Paperpile. Neither Google Docs nor Paperpile of course does display any ads, so it should not make a difference if you turn any adblockers off.

In general, however, I have to say we only officially support Chrome. Which means we can’t guarantee that it will work on other Chromium flavors. That said, we are happy to help out if possible.