Paperpile on Android after Chrome changes

My workflow used to be starring articles in Paperpile and then synching them to my Android device where they would be read in Moonreader, which had the best pagination and export of annotations.

Google now only saves shortcuts in the starred folder, which means that the files can no longer be synched. I’ve tried using the Paperpile PDF reader on Android, which isn’t bad, but it lacks a number of features, such as retaining zoom setting, tap pagination, progress bar and export of annotations. The highlights are saved for export on the desktop, but the text format includes information about the user with every highlight which clutters (strangely it doesn’t do that for markdown).

I’ve found that the PDF is saved to a folder on the Android if read, which I can then open in Moonreader, as usual. The highlights aren’t carried over, which isn’t a great loss, but it’s an indirect use.

Has anyone else faced a similar challenge?

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Thanks for sharing, Kevin. This new behavior is expected; the result of a necessary update to support Google’s latest API changes. Unfortunately this means there is no way to get the “main” file to the Starred Folder now.

No better workarounds to offer at the moment for getting your PDFs to Moonreader. Sorry!