Paperpile on Chromebook

Hi, I wondered if anyone ‘out there’ has had any experience of using Paperpile on a Chromebook? I am looking for a mobile option but don’t want to invest in a Laptop.

Any advice in this area would be gratefully received.


i do not see any problem here. everything that works on chrome under windows or mac should work fine on chrome within a chromebook.

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I’m using it very happily on a Chromebook. No problems whatsoever!


Many thanks for the replies and advice. Chromebooks would seem to be a relatively cheap solution to using Paperpile on my holidays and now I know it will do what I want. Cheers

Just thought I’d drop in and say I’ve been using Paperpile mostly on a Chromebook for the last few weeks and have had absolutely no problems with it at all. It functions identically to how it does in Chrome for desktop.

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Thanks for the info. Any particular difficulty using it offline? I know little about Chrome OS other than it is a thin client with some offline capabilities.

I have been using Paperpile with a Chromebook ever since the beta of Paperpile was launched. No problems whatsoever. The only issue that you will have is that the PDFs are not synced with the local storage - and indeed the size of my library (over 8k PDFs) would begin to swamp the limited SSD storage on a Chromebook if it did.

Indeed I am so happy with Chromebooks solution that I have been ditching Mac’s and Linux boxes in my research group to move ChromeOS everywhere with Virtual Machines for heavy lifting and Virtual Desktops for any tasks that have not yet migrated to ChromeOS

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Thanks for this, I can buy with a bit more confidence that the Chromebook will do what I want it to do.