Paperpile overleaf integration: citation keys do not match between .bib file and the exported google doc


Thanks for the great tool!

I have just integrated paperpile with overleaf but when I export the .bib file and the document with bibtex citation codes from google docs using the side bar, the citation keys between the .bib file and the exported document do not match. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong?

In the meantime I have signed up to try out the beta version of paperpile as I figured defining my own citation keys would overcome this issue.


Welcome to the forum @Kitty! The BibTeX keys in the exported .bib file from Google Docs should match those in your library. Can you describe the steps you are taking in more detail so that we can attempt to better understand the issue?

Are you trying to export a .bib file from Google Docs, then link that to Overleaf by importing the .bib file to a Paperpile, then setting up an Overleaf integration workflow for that folder? Is the Google Doc you are exporting from shared with you by a collaborator and contains only citations from their library, or does it contain citations only from your library? Let me know.

Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for the prompt response. Yes sure, from the google doc I am first exporting a .bib file that I then use to create a folder in Paperpile. Then I am setting up an Overleaf integration workflow for that folder, and I am also exporting the google doc with bibtex citation codes, which I then copy and paste into a .tex file.

The google doc only contains citations from my library.

Thank you for the clarification, @Kitty. I have verified the issue you’ve reported and I have let the team know. This happens because on importing the .bib file to Paperpile, the references get new and unique BibTeX citation keys to distinguish them from the references that are already in your library.

The workaround is to use two .bib files in your Overleaf project. First, upload the .bib file that you exported from Google Docs to Overleaf (this .bib file will match the BibTeX citation codes - let’s call this one bib1). To add any further citations from your Paperpile library, you can make a folder for those in Paperpile. Then set up an Overleaf integration for the folder and call that .bib file bib2. Then you can include the two .bib files in your project using the LaTeX command \bibliography{bib1, bib2}, which will load both bibliography data files.

Great, thank you for your help @suzanne !

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