Paperpile Pdf Viewer won't override Browser Default

I have turned on the feature to use the paperpile pdf reader as the default pdf reader for my browser, but papers only open in the paperpile pdf viewer when I open them from within the webapp. If I right click on a pdf in my local file directory, select “open with…”, and choose my browser, the pdf opens in the chrome reader.

I’m using Vivaldi browser, which is Chromium and which uses the Chrome pdf viewer.

This feature worked initially, but then stopped. Unfortunately I don’t know/recall any specific event that may caused this.

I tried to correct the issue by uninstalling other extensions, and then by reinstalling vivaldi entirely. But it didn’t fix the issue.

Thanks for reaching out, @KB_wydna, and welcome to our forum! Our built-in viewer is only accesible from within the web app or the mobile apps. I don’t think we currently have enough permissions to make our viewer the browser default - perhaps something we could consider once we take it out of beta. Please don’t hesitate to reach out again if there’s anything else.