Paperpile suddenly stopped working after Chrome canary update

I think the issue is with Chrome ( (Version 52.0.2707.0 canary (64-bit) inder Windows 10) but I cannot use Paperpile anymore. The page keeps crashing (Awe snap).

I tried several of the fixes suggested on the Chrome help forum (disabled ad block, tried loading in incognito, scanned for malware, etc) and nothing helped.

Just want to get this out there–again it looks like Chrome is to blame so maybe hold off upgrading if you can

Using Paperpile on same version similar setup as you, no problem at this end?

No helpful suggestions, but though the knowledge that the fault does not seem to be universal might help.

Thanks. Not sure what to do now.

Even tried a clean reinstall of Chrome–upon reinstall I immediately tried to go to paperpile and the site crashes same as before…

It’s the only site that I noticed stated to do this so I’m no longer suspecting Chrome as much…

Any other ideas?

Thanks for the heads up. Good to know there are enough people on canary and beta who spot issues early.

An “Awe snap” is a hard crash of the browser process. This can never be the fault of a website. It’s like Word is crashing because you write the wrong text.

We look into it if the error persists in beta. We can’t really support development versions of Chrome as it is a moving target. If you can submit crash reports for Canary plaese do so.

Thanks Stefan. I’ve been reporting the crash to google.

Is there any process on paperpile/app that Chrome might be tripping over, but that is not commonly implemented on other sites (I’ve not seen other sites disrupted by the Chrome update)

I can’t really say. We had several issues in the past that became apparent in beta releases. They were all related to some subtleties of how Paperpile uses Javascript and some Chrome APIs. These wer all easy to fix. We also identified a Chrome bona fide bug in the past which Google fixed in time before it got promoted.

We never had a hard crash so far. I can’t really say what’s wrong.

FWIW it seems to be a Canary issue–I just installed 64bit Chrome Beta and it’s fine.