Paperpile support

I’ve made multiple requests for help and gotten no reply. I’m having trouble with auto-download for PDF files for certain journals; and now the Chrome extension to add papers from a website isn’t working at all. This is a paid, subscription-based app so I am a bit frustrated that I can’t get answers to my questions.

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I am sorry for the bad experience. We have released an update today, that seems to break Paperpile for some users. We have immediately fixed the bug and uploaded a new version to the Chrome Web Store where it is pending to be approved.

Regarding the auto-download for PDFs: would you mind pasting the journals here so that our dev team can have a look?

I just saw this thread. We answer each and every request that comes in via and the in-app messenger. Currently we have a median response time of about 9h.

In particular, when things break like the other week, we react immediately. That’s how other users experienced the issue from last week:

I will follow up with our support team to see what happened to your messages.

I appreciate your following up. I posted the query as part of a longer thread originally and thought it might have been missed; so I copied the email and sent it to support a few weeks later as a new request, and still didn’t get an answer. After a third unanswered attempt, I posted on this forum as above. I did get a reply after posting on the forum.

I’m sorry to complain. Mostly I’ve been happy with Paperpile. In the past, support has been good. But I’m sure you can understand my frustration in this case.

I’m glad it worked out for Dr. Vandenbroek, anyhow.

I talked to Andreas and indeed it seems that a longer support thread with you remained unresolved and unanswered in the end.

That should not happen and I understand the frustration. In this particular case about a EZproxy, unfortunately, even Andreas could not find a solution. I’m not sure if there is an update about this particular issue. But in general I can say we really try to (i) avoid issues in the first place and (ii) do whatever we can to fix any problems.