Paperpile "View PDF" not working for some papers

In my library, when I click on the “view pdf” the pdf will not open. This only occurs with some papers. The paper in question is clearly uploaded to paperpile (I can download the PDF to my computer and open it). Help! I have quite a few papers in my library this is happening to.

Here is a link to a video showing the problem.

I would really like to view these papers with the paperpile viewer to make and save annotations. please help!

Thanks for the report and video, @Travis_Sippel. Is this still the case? Have you already restarted the browser, signed out and back in of both Paperpile and Google? It would be helpful to check if the same happens from another browser — Paperpile runs on any Chromium-based one like Brave, Vivaldi, MS Edge in case you’re able to use any of them for troubleshooting. Let us know.