Paperpile with Arc Browser: Re-Authorizing Loop


I’m trying to use the Arc Browser with Paperpile. Installing the extension works fine, and so does the insertion of individual references.

However, inserting the bibliography with “Format Citations” does not work. Paperpile requests authorization (“The Paperpile plug-in needs authorization to continue.”) which completes successfully after a round trip to Google’s site. Back in Paperpile, a notification reads “authorization complete”. When I try “Format citations” again, the entire cycle starts again.

I’ve tried disabling/enabling and reinstalling the extension, with restarting Arc in between, no luck. The above process works in Chrome, but I’m reluctant to add another browser to my work just for use paperpile.

Any ideas?


To answer my own question here, the issue was that I was signed in with more than one Google account. As per this response this is not a good idea. Once I signed out of the other accounts Paperpile started working properly.

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