Paperpiple android app add reference by sharing is broken (workaround: new paperpile beta)

There was an update to the paperpile android app in the last week. It has broken the ability to add a reference.

With a .pdf selected in Fx file browser or opened in a Xodo tab, I do “share”, select Paperpile,
it brings up dialog “Add to library (include PDF if available)”,
I click the “Add to Library” button,
it brings up a new dialog saying
“Added reference to your library
something went wrong
clicking Retry does not work.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention @paperbrain. I’m sorry that I can’t promise it will be resolved immediately as current resources are focused on the new web app, but I’ve let the team know, and they will look into it.


I found that it is still possible to add a paper by searching for it in the app.

The workflow I mentioned (select pdf → share) is needed however in some cases,
e.g. either the search fails to find the pdf, or in the case where you save a webpage as a pdf
by print-to-pdf, then want to add that to paperpile.

I just found that .pdfs can be added on android using the new Paperpile website beta version.

The previous web version did not work on android web, even when selecting to view Desktop Site,
because there was no way to get past the “install paperpile plugin” step. However the new version makes it optional to install the plugin (which I assume is not possible on the mobile version of chrome).

Then a .pdf can be added just by using the “add” button and navigating to the pdf.