Papers in shared folders are unsorted

I’ve noticed that papers remain in the “unsorted” filter even when added to a shared folder. I’m mainly adding papers to shared folders for use by my team (and not using private folders at all). Is this expected behavior?

This is the expected behavior - shared folders are entirely independent of the organization of papers in your library and the “Unsorted” filter refers to the latter.

We may look into changing this behavior if more people find it odd or problematic,

I do find this odd, because there is no way to quickly save shared folders and their subfolders to your own library, is there? this way it my own folders and the shared folders will remain separate, but all my papers are still on the same big pile.

Indeed, @mluerig. The quickest way to save a shared folder and its subfolders to one’s library would be creating their equivalent “regular” folders and dragging the contents of each to their new destination. In any case, this will change - it seems we will finally be able to start working on a revamp of our whole sharing system which has been planned for a while. We should have some updates about this soon!

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hi! just wondering if there are any updates on this matter?

Indeed there are, @mluerig: the revamp I mentioned above is finally coming to fruition --along with a general rewrite of the web app / extension (roadmap)-- and will make sharing much more intuitive and streamlined. Barring any delays, first beta is expected by the end of September and wider release before the end of this year.