Pasted BibTex of book gets mapped to different book

I pasted the following into the “Add Manually” section

title = “Against method”,
author = “Feyerabend, Paul K”,
publisher = “Verso”,
month = jan,
year = 1975

This gets converted to this entry

with this BibTex

title = “For and against method: Including Lakatos’ lectures on
scientific method and the Lakatos-feyerabend correspondence”,
author = “Lakatos, Imre and Feyerbend, Paul K and Feyerabend, Paul K”,
editor = “Motterlini, Matteo”,
publisher = “University of Chicago Press”,
month = oct,
year = 1999,
address = “Chicago, IL”

While that is a related book (and I believe shares content), it is definitely not the same and should not be converted.

In case it helps, this citation also gets converted
title = “Against method”,
author = “Feyerabend, Paul K”,
publisher = “Verso Books”,
edition = 3,
month = aug,
year = 1993,
address = “London, England”

@Patrick_Riley Welcome to the forum, and thank you for this bug report. I’ve passed it on to the team.