Pasting Bibtex code to add a paper: textframe does not stay open

When I am trying to add a paper by pasting the raw bibtex code, the text
frame, where the code should go, does not stay open, so that pasting is
impossible. I needed to save to a bib file and then import.

Can you try using Ctrl-v to paste it (i.e. don’t move the cursor away).

It’s a very good bug report. I always use Ctrl-c/Ctrl-v for pasting and did not think about that if you use paste from the Chrome menu the window disappears.

We need to fix that. Thanks.

The text box disappears when I hover the mouse over it. Otherwise I use
the keyboard too for copy/paste.

This is on Chrome Version 43.0.2357.37 beta-m (64-bit)

If you leave the rectangular area of the menu which says “Add manually” the window disappears. If you move your mouse directly from this area over the paste window the window should not disappear.

It’s not ideal and we need to fix it but in principle it should work unless you see a bug I don’t see. What operation system are you on?

That’s exactly the problem. When I move the mouse pointer over the paste
window it disappears. I checked on another computer with the same

Both boxes are Windows 7, one is 32 and th other 64bit.

It seems to be specific to the beta channel. We just got another user reporting the same issue, also on beta v 43. We will investigate.

I’ve checked and it seems all submenus are affected in the current beta. It’s not specific to Paperpile, also the official example code of the underlying Javascript library we are using shows the same bug. It’s very mysterious and there is no error message or other hint what’s going on. I have the feeling this will be a pain to track down and fix.

The stable version 42 is not affected and should work fine.

We’ve fixed this now and it should work in both stable and beta channels. Thanks for reporting.