PDF Annotation Wish list (esp. support for Quotes!)

Having just gone through an intensive period of essay and report writing here is my (current) wish list for Paperpile’s PDF annotation features:

These mainly relate to the context of exporting the Annotations for use in other tools (like e.g. Roam), but they should have wider utility:

1/ Ability to highlight across a page boundary
(The following relate mainly to Export)
2/ Option to place highlights in quotes and to add a suffix with Page number (don’t want to mix up my comments with the original Author’s text; On reflection, why not include an option to make the suffix a Paperpile reference - that includes the page number - so that you could copy and paste a quote, in quotation marks, with the source and location of the quote - all in one shot!)
3/ Clear separation of Highlights from Comments in Annotation Export (some might want these intermixed, I would like the option for them being in distinct blocks, configurable…?)
4/ Better support for correct ordering of Annotations in multi-column PDFs (especially when Exporting)
5/ Option to add a HTML link to end of an Annotation which will take you back to that Annotation in the PDF
6/ Ability to add an offset to the Page numbers associated with the Annotation, so that they match those in the original publication (the page number is sometimes correct, at other times it is relative to the first page of the doc)

Always appreciate the open and constructive response of the Paperpile team

Thank you



+1 to all of these!

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