PDF annotations mangled if viewed from Share URL

Issue summary:

  • PDF annotations created in the paperpile IPad app are distorted if PDFs are accessed via the Share URL

Steps to reproduce on my end:

  • Open PDF in IPad paperpile app, create annotations with pencil
  • On desktop, create Share link (e.g., 1 shared paper | Paperpile)
  • View Shared PDF in google chrome viewer, or download and view in desktop PDF reader

System info:

  • IPad OS 14.4.1
  • Paperpile on IPad 1.2.2
  • Desktop details: Ubuntu 16.04, Chrome 89.0.4389.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Some images showing the issue (annotations are in purple):

Any help or tips with this are greatly appreciated. Paperpile has become a major tool in my work recently, thanks for all the great work!

I forgot to mention - currently, my workaround is to manually export the PDF from within the IPad app to Google Drive, and share the exported file. The resulting PDF’s look great, but it’s a tedious hack since annotations are no longer in sync; if any changes are made, I must manually export again and share a new link.

Welcome to our forum, @sungk2048! Thanks for the details - I see what you mean and have consulted the team about it. Will reach out again when I hear back.

@vicente thanks! Appreciate it.