PDF annotations private beta 2


Yes. Maybe it’s OS specific? I’m on OS X 10.10.2 and chrome Version 40.0.2214.115 (64-bit)


I did see #4 once. I think it went away and I couldn’t reproduce it… but I just wanted to mention that I’ve seen this. (Also on a Mac)


This is working great so far. One thing that I ran into that you may or may not be able to fix:

I have a PDF that I marked up with Readdle’s PDF Expert (Version 4.7, an old one since I have a 1st generation iPad). The notations show up, but instead of showing the content of the actual notes, they just show as ‘Text Highlight’. Also, notes are not shown in the sidebar, but if I click on a highlight that I’d attached a note to in PDF Expert, it does pop up.

Here’s an image: http://imgur.com/kYlKXTT

But, neither Papers nor Mendeley properly import the highlights/notes from PDF Expert either, so it may be a problem on PDF Expert’s side.

So, this may not be something you can address at all, but I thought I’d throw it out there.



It would help us a lot if you could send one of these PDF Expert PDFs to andreas@paperpile.com



email sent. Thanks!


Forgive me if this has already been asked for, but I did not see it when doing a text search through this page. It would be good to include a function for adding a bookmark. I’m in the middle of a long PDF and about to get up and come back later. It would be good having a bookmark to know where I left off. It would also be nice if we could give the bookmark a special name like “Left Off”.

I guess this could also be done with a comment, but it seems more like one would do with a bookmark in a physical book.



HTML Title Different from Current PDF

Hello Andreas and Stefan,

I believe I just found another “hiccup”. I managed to get the HTML title to not be the same as the current PDF. I did this by following these steps:

  1. Open PDF.
  2. While the PDF from step 1 is still open, open another PDF.
  3. The HTML title of the page will stay as the title of the PDF from step 1.

Here’s a screenshot:

I hope this helps!


Auto Jump to Text for Typing Comment

Hello Again,

As I’m using the tool more heavily to annotate a paper for my Masters program, it occurred to me that it may be convenient to be able to start typing a comment immediately after clicking the comment button for a highlight. Right now I’m doing this:

  1. Highlight text
  2. Click comment button for highlight
  3. Click my cursor into the text box for the comment.

It may be nice to do this:

  1. Highlight text
  2. Click comment button and start typing.

I know this is a small thing, but it would be kind of cool.



Update from the developers: We have fixed most of the bugs and improved many things since the first beta release. It will take a bit more time though until we release the next version. Please keep posting anything that come to your mind. We probably won’t reply in detail for every post but we will consider them all for our upcoming second beta. So stay tuned and thanks for all the feedback so far.


I just saw in the March 7 changelog that there was the addition of “Prepare private beta tests of new Google Docs add-on”. Is this the manifestation of MetaPDF? If so, congrats on the release or soon-to-be release!

I’ve been spreading the word to my co-workers at my university.



Hi Stefan, hi Andreas,

When trying to zoom by clicking on the +/- icons in the top bar of Metapdf, Chrome just goes back or forth in the surfing history of the tab. I still can use the +/- buttons and zoom-levels change alright, it is only the buttons showing this strange behaviour for both local and google drive pdfs.
I have got Chrome Version 41.0.2272.76 (64-bit) running under Mac OS X 10.8.5 and restarted Chrome once.



Actually, we’ve started another beta test today for our new Google Docs addon. It’s also very early but we would rather get feedback sooner than later. There is a new thread in the “Beta testing” group with all the details.

And thanks so much for spreading the word. We can need all the help we get :wink:


It’d be great to have a file browser view when opening from google docs. I have TONS of pdfs and I almost never know the exact name, but I do know where they’re filed, so open by browse would be great!

In this same vein of “would be nice”, I’d prefer to exit comment mode on Return, and implement a Shift+Return command for adding newlines inside comments. This is a pretty common trope.

Thanks! So far metapdf is ruling, i’m super happy with it.


If i have multiple metapdf tabs open and leave them unattended for a while they forget what pdf I was reading, they essentially revert back to the startup state. I assume this happens when chrome swaps out the process, but am not 100% sure. I’m on a chromebook, so desktop version could behave differently.

Thanks again!


That’s a Chrome OS issue: it keeps reloading the tabs if a tab is inactive for some time. At the moment reloading resets MetaPDF to the initial state. That’s already fixed (it has been pointed out by someone else in this thread) and it will not be a problem after the next release.


Hi , This tool is awesome, Thanks to all Paperpile team for the great effort.

Issue: this paper don’t let me save annotations or sync it says MetaPDF could not write your annotations to this PDF file

  • Chrome Version 41.0.2272.89 (64-bit)
  • OS: Ubuntu 14.04



Thanks for the great app. I wish that its menu could display (current page #) / (total page #), and one can directly move to a specific page by setting a page number.


Please change the highlight colors to increase legibility of highlighted text. You might consider the colors used in Apple Preview, or allowing additional user-defined colors.

Compare MetaPDF and Preview.app: http://i.imgur.com/nOhr0bV.png

MetaPDF colors: #ffeb3b, #f44336, #2196f3, #4caf50

Preview.app colors: #f4e329, #c0ec25, #9cb7f3, #ec91c6, #cf98ea


As I said in the initial post, the colors are not final. We are aware of the fact that they are not optimal. Thanks!


Awesome first implementation - I am happy you are taking your time to build a good solution. So far everything works like a charm. Just out of curiosity, is the name overlap with this app intentional or a coincidence?