Pdf annotations - two types?

I’m new to PaperPile, and so far I like it a lot.
I have imported a sizeable number of references (more to come), and many of the pdfs have annotations (of the type that I can make or edit with apps like Preview). These annotations appear if I view the paper with the Chrome default viewer, but not with the PaperPile annotating viewer and not on the iOS app.

How do I import the existing annotations into the PaperPile system (in bulk)? And conversely, how can I turn PaperPile annotations into pdf annotations that third party apps could read?

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Welcome to our forum, @Thomas_Bartsch! Annotations made with our beta PDF viewer are written directly on PDFs and should be visible in any/all other readers. The same should be true for those made on other software (since they’re usually also written directly on the files) but there are some known exceptions.

If you’re still finding many of the PDFs you imported are not displaying their annotations, it would be great if you could share some of the files with us (can be via chat or email - support@paperpile.com) so the team can take a look and confirm on our end.