PDF background color


I don’t know about the technical difficulties associated with my request, but I would really like to have the option to change the background color of PDF documents in the viewer, like you can in Adobe reader.

When reading articles with black text on a white background during evenings/nights for example, the eyes become strained so I usually changed the background to light grey when I used Adobe reader.

Is this possible for you guys to implement?


i have the same problem with reading PDF’s white background at night. Here are my workarounds, assuming you want to read in PP / Metapdf…

On Windows system, you can install a program called f.lux, which has a built-in dark-room mode. This turns your screen into red-coloured words and black background (just like a photographer’s dark room). A little weird, but still readable. There’s shades of sepia and warmer colours too.

Another way is to install Google’s accessibilty extension “High Contrast” in Chrome and open your PDF via metapdf website. The extension works on PP’s interface, but strangely enough, not on PDF opened via PP’s interface (Or at least not at this time for me.). But it seems to work on PDF opened via metapdf’s web app.

Finally, if you are on a Chromebook, you can use the Accessibility setting to switch to black-white mode. This seems to act globally on PP-metapdf.

Hope this helps.