.pdf file with external annotations crashes Android app

For another purpose, I made a .pdf with text annotations from various programs (foxit, xodo, etc),
to see how compatible annotations are across programs.
After adding it to paperpile and opening in the Android app, the android app crashed and could not be reopened without crashing again. I deleted the file from paperpile (web) and re-installed the Android app, this fixed the crashes.

It’s not possible to attach the .pdf here so I will email it separately.

This is not really a problem for me, however it might be a problem for someone. More generally, the thing I value most about paperpile is that it does not “lock us in” to using it via proprietary storage or database; supporting other people’s annotations would be a small part of this.

Thanks for the thorough report as usual, @paperbrain, and for the email. The team was able to reproduce as described; the issue seems to be related to the PSPDF kit used on the Android app and is now on their queue to be addressed. Will reach out here if there are any relevant updates.

I am having a similar problem but my pdfs are not annotated externally. I’m downloading them from joomag.com. I’ve tried it on two downloaded from there and it crashes after a couple of minutes, I can reload, read for a bit and it crashes again. Not sure the problem is related but possibly. I can send a PDF directly if that’d be helpful for testing.

Thanks for chiming in here, @Flounder - is this still the case? Is it happening only with PDFs downloaded from that site? Please do share a couple examples via chat or email and I’ll pass along to the team.