PDF missing in new app

In the new app, PDF can somehow be lost, where the PDF can be found in both the old app and the Google Drive. Additionally, click on “find pdf online” does nothing but a quick flash.
Below is the screenshot in new app where pdf can’t be found.

However, the pdf can be found in new app.

So does the Google Drive.

Thank you for your report @Emrick. Your screenshot shows a search result. Are the attached PDFs not showing up in some search results or are the PDFs not attached to the references in your new Paperpile library at all?
For the “Find PDF online” issue, can you try removing the new extension, reinstalling it and trying again after that?

This issue doesn’t happen to every paper, currently, I’m only aware of this one. So is the find PDF online button, it actually works fine except for this one. I think it’s because UI and database have conflict information. I can even open the PDF via paperpile extension on the paper axiv page.

I delete the paper and re-add it to paperpile which solves the issue.

@suzanne The issue happens again. Not sure why, but the new app just lost the pdf, while the old app still has it.

It doesn’t happen to newly added paper, but to existing ones.

@Emrick Can you recall taking any actions in Paperpile with that reference, for example, merging two references to make this one? Any more details you could provide would be helpful because I can’t reproduce this issue.

@suzanne The PDF missing happens again, several things might be helpful to debug. First, despite the paper doesn’t appear to have pdf on the UI, the paper won’t be included if I turn on the “No PDF” filter. Secondly, the pdf is synced to the Google Drive, where I can actually find the paper. Lastly, I took a recording of what happens if I click find pdf online. If you look closely towards the end, it actually started to download (showing 21%).

I didn’t anything to this paper recently. I basically forgot that it was there.

Thank you for following up on this issue, @Emrick. Your last screenshot, like the other two, shows a search result. To help the team investigate whether this is a search indexing issue or another issue that occurs before search, we first need to see if the PDF is present in your library when you don’t search for the paper.

Does the “Analysis of representations” paperclip with the number of attachments appear in the list of papers in your library without applying a search for the paper?

If it is too difficult to find because you have many publications, you can also try to find that paper using the “Has PDF” filter, again without running a search for it. Does the paper appear with attachments there?

Alternatively, you can look at the “No PDF” filter and let us know if it appears in that (again without running a search; while you did this already, I’m not sure if you did this after applying a search or not).

Screenshots of these cases would also help the team.

@suzanne PDF is there if I don’t search for them. It indeed appears to be a search related issue. The “No/Has PDF” filter functions normally, the attachment is still available after the “Has PDF” filter being turned on.

Thank you for sharing the screenshot, @Emrick. The team has looked into this and realized it happens after merging duplicates in the old app, then searching for the merged paper in the new app does not show that the paper has any attachments. The fix should be available in the next release of the new app.