PDF notes overwritten by old version

Edit: I wasn’t aware of the notes editors impending replacement by the new PDF annotator (beta).
So I’ve switched to using that instead, and am very pleased with its use.

There’s a bug that wipes out PDF notes. It seems very easy to reproduce, and quite dangerous.

Running Chome latest, Windows 10 x64 (updated latest).

Repo steps:

  1. In Paperpile main page, open the notes editor for a paper (which is currently blank)
  2. Click “View PDF”, which opens the PDF on a new page
  3. Add some notes to the PDF
  4. Go back to the first webpage
  5. The notes don’t update with the new version in the other page, and actually automatically save the old (blank) version
  6. Observe paper notes now erased with old version

What should happen is the notes editor should check for an updated version (eg updated on a different page, checking timestamps), so that it does not accidentally overwrite it with the old (and potentially blank) version.

Is there any note history? Is there any way to recover my notes?