PDF preview in same tab

I have been using Paperpile for a while. I was wondering if this feature is planned or not. It would be nice if I can preview the PDF within the same tab. When I want to double check or correct the paper title, authors et. al, this feature will make me do the job more conveniently.


We don’t have plans to add a PDF preview in the main list view. However, we thought about adding a preview of the first page(s) to the edit dialog to make it easier to check and correct the data.


Yes! Preview first page would be a perfect solution for this.

Thank you for replying!

This seems like the right approach to me. If I want to really read/annotate a .pdf I can open up the separate editor. Otherwise, the preview page will be great.

Still think having a first page preview would be a very valuable feature (especially if it could be toggled on and off) , for two reasons:

  1. ease of adding metadata from the first pdf page.
  2. as someone that uses Paperpile for studying papers (for board examinations) being able to have a quick glance at the first page is very helpful as a memory anchor!

Thanks for the bump, @hallstones. While this is still only a wish list item which we haven’t been able to prioritize, I’ve added your +1 and feedback to the topic on our internal tracker to bump its popularity.

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Fully support this feature request and I can add another reason: in the main view on the right side paperpile offers nothing but white space. Why not use it?

I would also like to add some general feedback: As fantastic paperpile is in communicating with its users as well as in its functionality to web-search, import and cite publications, it really lacks in ways to dig through the users own collection: (1) full text search is still missing (after 8 years of continuing requests), (2) also the filter categories are not very helpful in finding the specific publications you look for or narrowing down searches. With larger collections this makes paperpile frustrating to use.

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Thanks for your feedback, @Johannes_Schweichhar. We’ve added your +1s for PDF preview and library search to our internal tracker. The dev team is actively working on full text search and advanced library search options, but we anticipate that it will be next year before these will be released.