PDF preview in same tab

I have been using Paperpile for a while. I was wondering if this feature is planned or not. It would be nice if I can preview the PDF within the same tab. When I want to double check or correct the paper title, authors et. al, this feature will make me do the job more conveniently.


We don’t have plans to add a PDF preview in the main list view. However, we thought about adding a preview of the first page(s) to the edit dialog to make it easier to check and correct the data.


Yes! Preview first page would be a perfect solution for this.

Thank you for replying!

This seems like the right approach to me. If I want to really read/annotate a .pdf I can open up the separate editor. Otherwise, the preview page will be great.

Still think having a first page preview would be a very valuable feature (especially if it could be toggled on and off) , for two reasons:

  1. ease of adding metadata from the first pdf page.
  2. as someone that uses Paperpile for studying papers (for board examinations) being able to have a quick glance at the first page is very helpful as a memory anchor!