PDF viewer: get/preview reference details from internal hyperlink

Let’s say I come across a reference (numbered or author-year) that has an internal hyperlink to its listing in the paper’s bibliography. Normally, I’d click on it if I wanted to find out what the paper title was and then click ‘Back’ to go back to where I was reading.

Now I would find it very helpful if I could find out the paper title without having to go back and forth in the pdf. This could be done in several ways -

  • Hover preview: I hover over the reference hyperlink and it displays a rectangular bubble of the section where the reference is located in the pdf.

  • Side pane: a section containing the bibliography parsed out from the pdf (in addition to search, annotations, TOC etc). When I click on the hyperlink, it jumps to or highlights the reference item in that section.

  • Split view: The PDF viewer is split into two panes displaying the same paper in both panes. When I click on an internal hyperlink in one pane, it jumps to it in the other pane.

The last two are something that could be enabled as an option in settings rather than having this as default behavior.

Also, I think a general split pane feature could be a separate feature request in itself. I can create one if it already hasn’t been requested already.

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