PDF viewer should not default to showing comments (esp. when there are none)

This is only a minor thing, but when opening a PDF with the Paperpile PDF viewer it starts of showing comments - even in PDFs without any. My default experience is reading papers, with annotations where necessary, and currently I have to always hit ctrl-2 to set to width, but there is still a chunk of the screen missing for the comments column, and without a shortcut I have to find my pointer and click the show/hide comments button.

As I say, it’s a minor thing, but when I’m opening and skimming many PDFs it is an extra few clicks per paper…

Thanks! Mark


Exactly my workflow: ctrl-2 + disabling side bars

+1. Agreed. When you are opening many pdfs and jumping between them, the extra click to hide the sidebar is uncomfortable. If not hidden by default, a keyboard shortcut to hide it could be helpful.

Yesterday’s update to the PDF Annotator included many fixes and improvements. One of these is that we no longer open the comments and annotation panes by default if there are no comments or annotations, respectively.