PDFs not appearing in 'Starred Papers' folder

I just unstarred a bunch of papers to reduce my starred papers from ~50 to 10. I was then surprised to find only 4 PDFs in my ‘Starred Papers’ folder in Google Drive.

All of the items have PDFs attached in Paperpile. If I un-star and then re-star a paper, it then appears in my Starred Papers folder. But this is very tedious because you have to go and find the item in ALL PAPERS to do this.

Perhaps it is because PDFs were added after the item was starred? I hope this can be fixed as I often star papers and then later add the PDF to read offline.


It seems there was problem during sync. Can you try “Sync now” in the little drive menu on the top right and see if that fixes it?

Another fix would be to

  1. temporarily assign a label to all starred papers and select the label
  • Unstar all papers, wait until the sync is done (the drive icon stops flashing)
  • Restart all the selected papers and wait again for the sync to finish.
  • Remove the temporary label
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I’ve run into this problem before. I think it happens when adding papers and then immediately starring them, before the pdf syncs with Google Drive. I now wait a moment before adding stars (or at least check the drive icon to make sure sync is complete), and I haven’t run into the problem since.

I had never noticed the sync button! All fine now, thanks.

I frequently have this problem too. I’ve never tried the wait before starring approach (though that makes for a clunky workflow) but the ‘start sync now’ button definitely doesn’t fix things. I have 53 things labeled as starred in paperpile and 40 things in my starred folder.

Sorry for the trouble, there is still some weird race condition going on here which we can’t reliably reproduce. Actually I have never been able to reproduce myself at all.

It’s still on our list so we have not forgotten about it, but this is really a tough issue.

The “Sync now” button will only help in some cases. Starring/unstarring (see above) should fix the discrepancies in every case.