PDFs not displayed


Dears support team,

I currently have the problem that PDFs are not displayed in paperpile. When I open them (“View PDF”), I might see a loading bar for a second, but then the window stays white. However, I’m able to open it in Google Drive and download it. So paperpile definitely can access the files in Google Drive.

I first noticed this error after I got a license, before I was using it in the 30 days trial. But this might only be a coincidence.

Thanks in advance for your help,


Problem solved:
In the settings under PDF Viewer, paperpile’s own PDF viewer was selected. When choosing Chrome default viewer, PDFs are displayed as before.
I haven’t changed this before, so apparently it was automatically changed when entering the licence? Whatsoever, it is probably worth to check the paperpile viewer for bugs.


I don’t know if the issue I have encountered adds to what you have found. I have been using the new PDF annotator and when trying to open a PDF that is already open in another tab (but same window as Paperpile), that tab becomes active however if the PDF is open in a separate window then nothing happens giving the impression that clicking on ‘view pdf’ did not work. Hope that makes some sense!!